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A celebration lunch in August 2019 in the glowing interior of the refurbished Springfield Church in Fife (Benjamin Tindall Architects) launched the building into its new purpose as both a centre of worship and a community centre. In the spring of 2018 I was approached by Ben Tindall to decorate the cornice of the church with a blessing. The inward slope of the coving meant that painting in situ would be physically impossible. My solution was to paint the inscription off site, on lengths of robust lining paper painted the same yellow as the walls. The pattern is created by the counters of the letters, and the uninterrupted ring of words echoes the vast halo of contemporary lighting. The blessing is sung at the end of each service: those unfamiliar with the words are directed by the minister to the cornice! Not only have the brightness of the space and its unusual decoration captured the hearts of the local community, but the Chair of the Trustees of the Church of Scotland, Raymond Young, himself an architect, said he was thrilled with the result.